Container Detention When It Is Impossible to Return Empties (3 CPD points – Stream B - FTA129)

Over the last few months of 2020 (and continuing) importers, customs brokers, freight forwarders and transport operators faced the problem of not being able to return containers to shipping line contracted empty container parks. The unpredictable 'Covid economy' also increased the likelihood of abandonment of containers or delayed returns.

These issues are likely to result in disputes about container detention imposed by shipping lines.

In this webinar, Russell Wiese - Hunt & Hunt Lawyers will cover the following:

  • Can detention charges be enforced where the shipping line cannot provide a return address
  • Do force majeure / frustration issues affect container detention
  • Can forwarders seek damages for increased storage and staged container costs
  • Who in the supply chain is liable for container detention charges
  • If detention charges are imposed and unpaid, can the shipping hold releases of future consignments
  • Limiting detention charges
  • Resolving disputes regarding detention charges.


This course is suitable for importers, exporters, customs brokers and managers.


Duration: 60 minutes


An optional assessment is available with multiple choice questions. Students must attain an 80% pass mark to qualify for customs broker CPD points. An online certificate can be downloaded on completion via "My Courses" and selecting the certificate icon. An attainment statement of all completed CPD/CBC is available in "My Accounts". Results will also be recorded and maintained on ComplianceNetFTA.

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  • Container Detention When It Is Impossible to Return Empties (3 CPD points – Stream B - FTA129)

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